A Site Dedicated To The Unsung Heroes of Bohemian & Czechoslovakian Vintage Costume Jewellery

This entire site is dedicated to those unsung heroes of the Vintage Costume Jewellery world – The Bohemians.  They worked for very little money and their creations were rarely if ever marked.  They struggled on for very little reward and have had an incalculable influence on Vintage Costume Jewellery from around the 1400’s onwards.

Uranium Necklace Under Normal Daylight

Sad to say they thought so little of their products, they did not even take the time to keep detailed records.  The elements of costume jewellery, particularly brass ‘filigree’ stampings were exported literally by the ton to the capital cities of the western world, most notably New York in America and London in England.

Early Bohemian Crystal Necklace

Fancy designers then used these inexpensive and top quality pieces of jewellery to create their own designs.  Of course, their designs were stamped with their own name.  One highly collected and hugely valued creator of such jewels is Miriam Haskell who relied heavily upon Bohemian and Czechoslovakian imports.  But never a mention of where these amazing elements came from.

At one point in the development of Bohemian glass to satisfy the ever popular demands of the Western World – children were sucking up mercury (a powerful neurotoxin) into long hollow canes of beads to give them the desired ‘silver’ lining.  This is but one example of the lengths these under-recognized and hard-working people suffered.  I believe it is the very least we can to  give them some kind of recognition for without them – the world of Vintage Costume Jewellery would be impoverished beyond belief.

Antique Bohemian Garnet Brooch

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