The jewels belonging Wallis Simpson were auctioned this week.  They were given to her by the man who should one day have been King of England, but he gave up that right to be with his love – the American Mrs. Wallis Simpson.

There is speculation that the anonymous buyer of these items is none other than the self proclaimed “Material Girl” Madonna, who is currently directing a film on the subject of the royal love affair.

It certainly would show perfect timing as advance publicity for which Madonna has become known over the years.

The jewels were purchased anonymously when Wallis Simpson died in 1986.

The jewels made more than twelve million dollars (about eight million pounds sterling) at auction this week (2010). There were 20 individual lots but it was the sparkling and slinky Cartier onyx and diamond panther bracelet which drew the largest bid – making more than five million dollars alone.

The Cartier Panther was perfection itself and reminded me in its sinuous slinky way of my own meagre Ciner panther vintage costume jewellery.

Touchingly; many of the pieces bore engravings of intimate inscriptions causing David Bennett of Sotheby’s auction house to say that the items were more than ‘just jewels’.

He claimed they are a piece of history and testament to their love.
There was outrage and the English monarchy was rocked to its very foundation when in 1936 Edward gave up his right to the throne to marry the then Mrs Simpson.

On offer this time (November 2010) was 20 items that had belonged to either Wallis or Edward Windsor.  They were both enthusiastic when it came to jewellery.  During their courtship prior to marriage, several items were commissioned personal items from Cartier as well as from other manufacturers, during their married life in the Bahamas.

One of the major stars of the show, the already mentioned panther, was designed by Jeanne Toussaint for Cartier in 1952. The other star piece was the large flamingo perched upon one jewelled leg, which was also designed by Toussaint for Cartier in 1952.  The flamingo brooch was bought in 1940 and fetched  almost three million dollars alone.

The stunning Cartier diamond charm bracelet set with nine gem filled Latin crosses held great significance to the couple.  Each cross commemorated a significant event in the couples’ life together – one of them representing the attempted assassination on the King.

Could this whole thing have been orchestrated by the “Material Girl” herself ?