Does anyone in the government here in the United Kingdom monitor deaths caused by negligence and lack of facilities in the hospitals here?  If they ever did, then that position is sure to be part of the ‘cut backs’ to make up for previous governments mistakes.
Having recently returned from the private sector of health in Europe, I today went for a consult with the surgeon who is the next to gut me then stitch me up.
There were two nurses in attendance at the meeting, but neither of them checked my blood pressure or asked about my weight or any other medical complications.  One did ask which perfume I was wearing.
This is the hospital which recently awarded the person in charge almost a quarter of a million pounds in a ‘wrongful dismissal’ suit when more than four dozen people lost their lives whilst under her care – the result of poor hygiene on the wards.  My gran (who was an old style hospital matron) would be very angry at this national disgrace called the NHS.
All those lessons on hygiene learned the hard way through Florence Nightingale simply ignored with a waft of the governments magic recession wand.  Disgraceful is far too lenient a judgement in my book. 
But then I am a simple person who believes that to do things properly (after people have paid a lifetime into the so called ‘National Health System’ for their healthcare) is something not to be taken lightly. The victims of this general negligence are dead, their relatives (if they have any) too grief stricken to realise.  It surely is a win-win situation for the politicians.
The beaurocrats of today are simply cutting costs with the essentials in life of the common man,  whereas the fault (and the cause of this so called recession) is with the administration of previous governments.  But heaven forbid that anyone official should admit this.  It is the ordinary man in the street, the ordinary pensioner who lives a miserable life cost cutting in the cold because she cannot afford to heat her one bedroom flat who suffers.
It has seemed to me for some time now that the medical profession (and doctors in general) have been relying on homeostatis, rather than providing proper medical care.  The know your body will fight to return itself to natural health, given time.
Homeostatis for those who do not know, is the bodys own will to return itself to full health.  That permits the medics to be lax and sloppy about many things.  I am amazed that no-one else has realized that this has a great deal to do with the medicine today.