Prince William has chosen to give his mothers engagement ring to Kate Middleton his fiancé, to honour the memory of his mum and to make sure that she would be a part of their life together. 
It is a touching tribute from a loving son.  The first picture is of the then Lady Diana Spencer on her engagement to Prince Charles in February 1981.
The elegant sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds is superb.  It is classic, timeless and classy yet understated. This image is of Lady Diana (as she was then) wearing her ring and to the right, the ring enlarged to show detail.
Diana chose the ring herself from a selection of rings brought to her by the jeweller Garrard.  The ring was not made to her design and as such, it could have been purchased by any member of the public.  At the time it cost in the region of £30,000 (about $48,000).
It has been hard to avoid looking at images of Miss Middleton and now there is a complete landslide of pictures of Kate Middleton.  All the ‘fashionistas’ are going over what she wears in minute detail. But my interests are more in which type of jewellery she wears.  And the pictures tell an interesting story.
Clever Kate has chosen wisely when it comes to jewellery.  Most of the pictures I have seen show her wearing pearls and if not pearls, then small classy jewellery.  In the image below, as well as the same pearl ear rings, she is wearing a simple silver cross on a silver chain.
Pearls are traditionally said to be associated with ‘tears’ but I sincerely hope that is not true for the young couple who became officially engaged to be married today.

Pearls are classic and simple yet stylish.  They impart a feeling of what we in England would call ‘class’.  All that means really is that it adds an heir (sorry an air) of old fashioned good taste to an outfit.  As seen from the pictures, this is definitely the case.
Several of the pictures of her have the same single pearl ear rings.  In one picture she has a flapper length necklace of ‘pearls’ (actually called faux pearls by our American friends) spaced out with one metallic looking bead every five beads or so.
Whatever the style it seems to me that Miss Middleton captures style and elegance quite simply.  But then as a former buyer for accessories with the London, England fashion jewellery business of Jigsaw, it is not really surprising.