My earliest childhood memory is of being in big trouble with my parents after swapping a brand new birthday gift of a tall bisque doll with a neighborhood friend.

The new doll was almost as tall as I was – I was only four years old – and when you picked her up from laying flat, her bright blue black eye lashed eyes flipped open widely.  She was a treasure.

But my friend from a house up the street had temped me with something to my eyes which was far more precious.  A huge topaz emerald cut rhinestone.

I had no hesitation in exchanging ‘Melinda’ (my new doll) for this wonderous piece of crystal.  It mesmerized me and still does today.

My parents did not really see the funny side of this and I clearly remember being reprimanded and being told to go back and cancel the exchange.

Somehow I managed to ‘get away with it’ and still have the stone today pictured in this brief blog.  

It was the start of a lifetimes passion for vintage costume jewellery and for Bohemian vintage jewels in particular.

I would love to hear what started your passion for vintage costume jewellery or accessory.  There is plenty of space in the member section of my new site for members stories.