Up until recently, I had not actively realised that I knew anything about Jakob Bengel.  I try to keep up with new information on vintage costume jewellery and must have read something about this new discovery of a German maker of classic Art Deco costume jewellery who had to try to keep discrete during the advent of the National Socialist party in Germany, just before World War II.

Since the latest reincarnation of my website called ‘yesterdays-treasures-today.com’ only just launched required a bibliography of just some of the books where I had gleaned information, I started listing them.

Hey presto, the classic book on Art Deco vintage costume jewellery was already in my collection – a birthday gift from my now late husband.  Not having time to read it there and then, or even to start, I flicked through the pages.

Something must have stuck because when my friend Kathy showed me some of her ‘junk jewellery’ she wanted to get rid of at a flea market or jumble sale, I did a double take and a gasp!

I could not say why this necklace looked like something very good, but I just put it to oneside to re-examine later.

It was only when I was packing the necklace up for the market (where it would have been sold for a pound or two – five dollars or so – at most) that it suddenly clicked – THIS IS A JAKOB BENGEL!

I could hardly believe it.  I googled for a website selling these pieces to find out roughly how much she should sell it for  (she really needs the money) and found a dealer who literally has hundreds of these necklaces for sale.  The cheapest is just under £200 which I am guessing is about $300

I am including some picturees of Kathys necklace which will shortly be offered for sale on my new website at a real knock down bargain price for a quick sale and including worldwide shipping.

This is the link to my new website where this necklace will shortly be for sale www.yesterdays-treasures-today.com  

I have also now written an article about the Jakob Bengal find which will save you spending money on the book!  This is a link to the article here  http://yesterdays-treasures-today.com/#/jakob-bengel/4545651636

I will put some pictures in this post so you can see what the necklace is like.